CC Global: 2021 Mercedes-Benz Actros And 2022 Stas Agrostar – Grains Of Common Sense

Van der Heijden - Mercedes-Benz Actros 2142 - 1

An end dump semi-trailer with three axles, towed by a 4×2 tractor. On the European continent, that’s the classic configuration for the over-the-road transportation of all types of grains, granules and meals. Hauling company Van der Heijden doesn’t go against the grain with their orderly Mercedes-Benz and Stas combo.

Van der Heijden - Mercedes-Benz Actros 2142 - 2

Tidy and straightforward, this 2021 Mercedes-Benz Actros 2142 tractor. There’s not one superfluous item on the whole vehicle. For example, note the total absense of aftermarket, auxiliary lighting.

Mercedes-Benz OM 471 engine - second generation

The Actros is powered by a second generation OM 471 engine, a 12.8 liter inline-six. The maximum power output of the current series ranges from 421 to 530 hp. The Detroit DD13 is the American version of this power unit.

The number 2142 on the tractor’s doors tells us that the owner opted for a chassis legally rated at 20.5 metric tons GVW, rounded to 21, and a 420 hp engine. One horse got away.

Van der Heijden - Stas S300CX Agrostar - 1

The semi-trailer was made by Stas (or STAS) from Belgium, a renowned name in this line of business. The S300CX Agrostar is only 11.50 m (37’9”) long. Solidly built though, given its payload capacity of 32,440 kg (71,518 lbs).

As long as it doesn’t go international, I must add. For instance, if the fully loaded semi wants to visit our eastern neighbors, like Dr. August Oetker, it has to lose 6,400 kg at the Dutch-German border (or simply put: 46,400 kg GCVW in the Netherlands vs 40,000 kg gross weight limit in Germany).

Van der Heijden - Stas S300CX Agrostar - 2

In Dutch, this is often referred to as a Franse klep, a French tailgate. The top hinged tailgate is basically a pivoting frame with cargo doors and -in this case- two grain hatches.

Van der Heijden - Mercedes-Benz Actros and Stas S300CX Agrostar

Our importer of the Stas semi-trailers posted the same combination on their FB-site. Evidently, both the first and third axle of the tridem are liftable (courtesy of Van der Peet).

A short Stas video, showing an Agrostar at work. It’s long enough to give you a good impression of both the loading and the unloading process. Enjoy your meal!

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