CC Global: 2021 Renault T 6×2 Tractor With 2007 Tracon Semi-Trailer – New Old School

Witmix - 2021 Renault T 6x2 tractor - 1

A lavish exterior, combined with a high-end paint job. Prevalent on heavy Scania, Volvo and DAF tractors that are driven by owner/operators. Those are the premium truck brands; at least, that’s the consensus among truck drivers here as long as I can remember. It’s good to see a big Renault got the full treatment for a welcome change.

Witmix - 2021 Renault T 6x2 tractor - 2

These days, a trend in on-higway trucking in the Netherlands is going old school, recreating the style of the long-distance tractors from the seventies and eighties. Some major exterior characteristics: stacks (shiny or in matte black), a sleeper cab with a low roof sans spoiler, a roof rack and a lightbox. A decent sunvisor also comes with the package.

Back in the day, a roof rack was used for storing rolled-up tarps. But with today’s curtainsiders and automated cover systems, they’ve become pretty much obsolete.

Witmix - 2021 Renault T 6x2 tractor - 3

Honed to perfection by Van Kessel Truckstyling. No plain dark gray plastic on this Renault 6×2 tractor, there’s not even the slightest unpainted or uncovered part. I like the end result very much. Well done, far from overdone.

Witmix - 2021 Renault T 6x2 tractor - 4

Behind the cab, everything is integrated in this storage locker unit. Even the company name at the top. A fully covered frame is obligatory on such a classy heavy tractor. That bit of extra weight is considered utterly irrelevant once you’ve decided to go all the way.

Witmix - 2021 Renault T 6x2 tractor - 5

Things always get better with a matching semi-trailer, color- and livery-wise. The 390 kW/530 DIN-hp Renault is also used to tow an end-dump semi-trailer or a flatbed with a rolloader crane for hauling bricks and such. The Witmix company is a supplier of all kinds of building materials.

Witmix - 2021 Renault T 6x2 tractor - 6

The curtainsider is a 2007 Tracon, rated at a GVW of 39 metric tons (85,980 lbs), which is a piece of cake for the hefty Renault. The semi-trailer’s registered payload capacity is 32,340 kg (71,297 lbs).

Witmix - 2021 Renault T 6x2 tractor - 7

I’m sure the portable forklift must be a Moffett-Kooi, roughly as old as the Tracon. Naturally it comes with tail lights and the semi-trailer’s license plate.

And now for some truck-mounted forklift history. Dutchman Hessel Kooi developed the concept in the seventies and it became a huge commercial success. When everything was said and done, the forklifts were marketed under the Kooiaap (Kooi-Ape) brand name. Well, they are clinging on to the back of a truck or (semi-) trailer like an ape, after all.

Later on, the Irish Moffett company took over the whole Kooi operation. To this day, everybody in NL still calls a truck-mounted forklift a kooiaap, regardless the manufacturer.

Witmix - 2021 Renault T 6x2 tractor - 8

When you’re leaving the kooiaap at home, this trio has to be fold out on either side of the semi-trailer.

Witmix - 2021 Renault T 6x2 tractor - 9

Taking pride in your rolling machinery with a Retro-Renault. En route!