CC Global: 2021 Scania G360 6×2*4 Truck – They Don’t Make Them Like That Any Longer

2021 Scania G360 6x2*4 - 1

Growing flowers and potted plants is big business in the Netherlands. Consequently, an immense armada of dedicated trucks and combination vehicles to transport the end products is roaming the roads, day and night, nationally and internationally. Slick and glossy, that’s how they roll. Just like this fairly new Scania G-series truck.

Scania G-series cab interior

The G is the third cab model in Scania’s current product line, after the low entry L-series and the P-series (short distance) delivery trucks and tractors. It comes in three roof heights: low, normal and high.

Next in line are the bigger R cab and the high-end S with a flat floor. All in all, the G finds itself precisely in the middle. It’s a perfect all-rounder.

Scania product line

There’s the whole Scania trucking family alright, modular building at its finest. The factory conventionals are long gone, there was no business case anymore in what had become a tiny niche market.

2021 Scania G360 6x2*4 - 2

An impressive piece of equipment, exactly 12.00 m (39’4”) long, equal to the maximum overall length for a straight truck in the EU. Long wheelbase, long rear overhang, with a 6×2*4 drivetrain. That’s a 6×2 chassis with a steering (thank goodness, in this case!) and liftable tag axle.

The Scania is powered by a 9.3 liter, inline-five turbodiesel and is rated at a GVW of 27,000 kg (59,525 lbs). That’s the simple sum of the axle loads, the GVWR is not influenced by wheelbase, overall length or anything else. A short wheelbase tractor unit with this axle set-up would have been rated at the exact same gross vehicle weight.

2021 Scania G360 6x2*4 - 3

Evidently, a vos is a fox. Look how it mingles in with the potted plant, as if the fox is sitting in its natural habitat. Or is just lying down, with its head resting on its tail, that’s what I also see. Anyway, what a great idea to express both the owner’s surname and his profession. Very well done!

2021 Scania G360 6x2*4 - 4

Now to some pictures from coachbuilder Heiwo. On the right side, the retailers can comfortably step inside to check out the merchandise.

Just some straightforward side underride guards? Way too ordinary. Instead, pivoting stainless steel side panels, mounted underneath the cargo body with piano style hinges. Yes, flower haulers -and the coachbuilers- have a great sense of style.

Heiwo isothermal body - 1

A platform like this is called a cantilever tail lift. The wheeled trolleys are rolled on the platform manually and into the isothermal body they go.

Heiwo isothermal body - 2

An inner length of 9.55 m (31’4”) and plenty of lighting. The interior is as tight as the exterior. What a splendid truck, and some more flower power is coming up soon.