CC Global: Big Renaults Having An Informal Meeting

When taking a walk the other day I came across this rather peculiar scenery. It’s a collection of heavy Renault trucks and tractor units parked on a dike road, which gave me an unexpected opportunity to capture a Renault truck show on camera.

Two 4×2 tractors, on the left a 2007 Renault Premium 410.19T (410 hp), on the right a 2013 Renault T-series (430 hp). Both tractors are powered by a 10.8 liter inline-6 engine, their GVM -as in total axle load- is 19 metric ton. What they also have in common are the super singles on the front axle.

Volvo from Sweden now fully owns Renault Trucks; the current generation of heavy Renault trucks and tractors was introduced in 2013 and is based on Volvo technology.

2015 Renault T-series, 460 hp. As an aside, Bull isn’t a made-up macho name, it’s the owner’s last name.

The third axle of the semi-trailer is a steering axle.

2010 Renault Premium 380.18 4×2 truck with a drawbar trailer.

A combination like this is typically used to haul voluminous goods, rather than heavy goods.

Now to some (many?) this skyscraper may look like some sort of futuristic concept truck, but the Magnum is in fact the last true Big Renault, introduced in 1990 (!) and initially marketed as the Renault AE.

Its tilt cab -the structure above the yellow line- is basically a box with a fully flat floor, as the engine doesn’t intrude into the cab. Just leave it to the French to come up with something like this.

The 2001 6×2 truck has a 480 hp 11.9 liter inline-6 engine. The tag axle is liftable, as always on a 6×2 truck or tractor chassis.

Here’s a 2006 Renault Magnum 480-19T tractor.

2008 Renault Magnum 460-19T tractor. The production of Magnum trucks and tractors ended in 2013.

From 1990 until 2005 the AE~Magnum was offered with a 16.4 liter V8 Mack E9 engine (up to 560 hp), and from 1996 until 2005 all 6-cylinder engines were sourced from Mack too, more specifically the 11.9 liter E7 engine. Mack was a subsidiary of Renault V.I. before Volvo came along.

The Renault T High Sleeper replaced the Magnum. Renault’s current truck top model is always powered by a 12.8 liter engine; maximum power output 440, 480 or 520 hp.

The complete cab spoiler set in plain sight. This dealership tractor has a steering and liftable pusher axle. Very common, a chassis like this has the same legal maximum GVM as a conventional 6×2 or 6×4 configuration, yet with better maneuverability and less tire wear.

Inside a Renault T High Sleeper.

The last one, Renault’s smallest commercial vehicle, spotted the same afternoon. It’s a 2012 Renault Kangoo panel van with a 75 hp 1.5 liter diesel engine, the payload capacity is a whopping 607 kg (1,338 lbs).