CC Global: Big Rig Driving Lessons – Roll With It

Van Thiel - Volvo FH 4x2 box truck

Steering a heavy combination vehicle through the center of a town or city is part of the training and practical driving test to become a professional big rig driver. Paying close attention to pedestrians, cyclists, moving or parked vehicles (any kind you can think of), buildings and street furniture while trucking, in other words.

The learner driver is sitting behind the wheel of a Volvo FH 4×2 box truck, towing a Netam-Fruehauf tandem axle trailer. Town center is near, things are about to get more challenging.

Van Thiel - Volvo FH 4x2 tractor

Heading in the exact same direction, spotted 15 minutes later. Same driving school, yet an other type of big rig. A Volvo FH 4×2 tractor with a Schmitz tridem axle semi-trailer, a bit more complicated to maneuver through town -when cornering- than the truck and trailer.

By the way, I’d say it’s about time for some precision mowing underneath and around the bench.

Derks - 2020 Ginaf X6 5249 dump truck

Almost home again I caught a man who must have passed the truck driver’s test. He’s standing there alright, filling up the fuel tank of his 2020 Ginaf X6 5249 dump truck. The number 5249 explained: five axles in total, two of them are drive axles, 49 metric tons GVWR (108,000 lbs, legally). The starting point for this Ginaf was a factory DAF CF 8×4 chassis-cab, powered by the 12.9 liter MX-13 engine.

For driving a heavy straight truck, like the big yellow taxi dump truck, as so called C driver’s license will do. For a combination vehicle, a CE license is required. But that’s only the practical side, as serious additional schooling and re-schooling (every five years) are mandatory too. And then we’re not even talking transporting dangerous goods.