CC Global: Classic Real Estate, T-Model Farms Included (Updated – With Finished Thatched Roofs)

T-farm - 1

(Originally posted on 10/30/20, updated Dec. 2020) Right, and now for something completely different. A tour along a whole other type of curbside classics: old real estate, all situated near the south side of the Waal River in the Netherlands. Most of the buildings date back to the 19th century. Almost all pictures were taken while walking down the river embankment road.

former smithy

Starting with this former smithy (on the left side) and barbershop (upstairs). The road literally runs down from the top of the embankment into town, that explains why the whole building is sitting so deep, way below road level. More examples follow.

Through the ages, the embankments haven’t kept their original height, width, or even location. The last major improvement of the embankments took place in the last years of the 20th century, throughout the whole Dutch river delta.

old yellow house - 1

old yellow house - 2

A colorful ensemble, with a 2003 Lexus GS 300 in the driveway and what seems to be a Mercedes-Benz Vito (Metris).

former café - 1

former café - 2

This house, anno 1856, is getting a full renovation by the current owners. It’s situated on the riverside of the embankment.

Back in the days, it used to be a café. The locals didn’t come here to eat, that’s what they did at work and at home, but to consume alcoholic drinks. Even small villages had multiple cafés, which were often the only places for some relaxation and distraction.

former café - 3

And yet another former café, now an office building.

old house near embankment - 1

Watch out when parallel parking and stepping out of the car here.

old house near embankment - 2

That’s a first gen, 2002 Ford Focus 1.6 wagon. Alright, we’ve seen enough cars for now.

old house near embankment - 3

Further down the road, it says 1763 on the front wall of this house and curio shop. I suppose this is the oldest building of the tour. Originally, this must have been a farmhouse.

Volksbond - 1

volksbond - 2

The bygone community building of the Rooms-Katholieke Werkliedenvereniging St. Ewalden.

volksbond - 3

This is not the work of a talented house painter, but glazed earthenware, all made locally. “R.C. People’s Union”, I can’t come up with a better translation of R.K. Volksbond.

T-farm - 2

A massive and impressive (former) farmhouse, built between 1850 and 1875. The lighter the reed’s shade of brown, the more recent the roof thatching job.

This is a typical example of a so called T-boerderij, a T-farm. The housing accommodation, on the right here, perpendiculars to the barn (or stable), thus forming a T-shaped building.

T-farm - 3

A crew of professionals is working on the big barn, behind the main building. That clearly includes a completely new reed thatched roof. I took most pictures for this article on last Saturday (October 24 – JD).

T-farm - 4

The same barn and the work in progress on the subsequent Monday (October 26 – JD).

T-farm - 5

The farm’s housing accommodation, facing the main road from the embankment to the hinterland.


Update December 2020 (thatching job done):

Farm house, job done - 1

Farm house, job done - 2

Farm house, job done - 3

Farm house, job done - 4

Farm house, job done - 5

On November 20, I walked by the same 19th century farmhouse. The roof thatching job was clearly done, both on the big barn and on the farmhouse.


T-farm - 6

This is also a T-farm, on the opposite side of the road. All roof tiles on this one.

old house with reed thatched roof

Way further back, and old for sure (circa 1800).

new T-farm

The last one, fast forward to the 21st century. A fairly recent house in a classic T-farm style, a stately residence!