CC Global: DAF Special Editions By Bakker – The Lowrider And The Hi-Riser

Bakker - DAF XF 530 - 1

Bakker Bedrijfswagens (Baker Commercialvehicles) is a group of truck dealerships with 20 locations in the Netherlands. Among the keep-on-trucking enthusiasts, they’re also known for their special, limited edtions of heavy DAF tractors, currently the XF/XG/XG+ series. The company’s latest specialties couldn’t be more opposite.

Bakker - DAF XF 530 - 2

Bakker’s DAF XF 530 FT 4×2 ‘New Old Skool’ looks as if it would be in its element on a race track. Where the tricycle will become airborne, but that’s not important right now.

Some typical old-skool items are the fixed ladders and the roof rack. Back in the day, rolled-up tarps were often stored on such a rack. Nowadays there’s mostly a tongue-in-cheek beer crate on top. Today’s choice is Grolsch, as in Vakmanschap is Meesterschap.

Bakker - DAF XF 530 - 3

Bakker - DAF XF 530 - 4

Slammed & stanced DAF, this XF with a low roof. The tractor is powered by a 12.9 liter MX-13 engine, PACCAR’s biggest in-house turbodiesel.

DAF 3600 ATi

Here we have the ancestor that inspired the Bakker crew, the F241-series 3300 and 3600 ATi from the eighties in the same color scheme.

Bakker - DAF XG+ 530 - 1

And now for something completely different and also more realistic, a DAF XG+ 530 FTG 6×2/4 ‘High Performance’ in a specific shade of green we all know.

I assume it has an eight tonnes front axle, resulting in a GVWR of 27 tonnes (59,525 lbs). What a marvellous on-highway tractor, spot on!

Bakker - DAF XG+ 530 - 2

Unlike the XF, the XG+ has a walk-through/jump-around cab with a flat floor. Actually, the XG+ has the largest factory tilt cab on the market.

Bakker - DAF XG+ 530 - 3

Naturally, special editions are fully optioned and have air suspension on all axles, the cab and the seats (swivel seats, in this case). The standard transmission in heavy DAFs for the European market is a ZF TraXon AMT.

Let’s take that Green Machine outside the shed! And now I’ve got Kyuss inside my head.

Interior picture: courtesy of Bakker Bedrijfswagens/Lennard Laar/Speed Generation.