CC Global: Fendt 415 Vario And Joskin Cobra – 2020 Growing Season Opener

This combination’s job is to inject energy drink into pasture land. The Fendt tractor is coupled to a Joskin liquid manure tanker, with a Slootsmid pasture injector attached to it.

For environmental reasons, it’s not allowed to simply spray liquid manure on the land. Those days have long gone. Instead, the organic fertilizer must be injected into the soil or pasture land.

The Joskin tanker has a capacity of 11,500 liters; that’s equal to 11.5 m³ (15 yd³). Both the tank and the frame are fully galvanized. Joskin is a Belgian family business, founded in 1968.

A compact, single axle tanker like this is typically owned by a farmer. Usually, agricultural contractors have much bigger tankers, with multiple axles, towed by 200+ hp tractors. Or they drive something like this.

The red and yellow machine in the foreground is a Pöttinger rear mower. It seems to be brand new, just delivered at the dairy farm yard.

Speaking of the farm yard, as you can see it’s fully paved. Unpaved, messy and muddy yards, that’s another thing from days long gone.

Here’s a sweet YouTube video, a John Deere + Joskin Cobra at work in Belgium. Let it roar!

And now I’ll have a good pint of energy drink. I mean milk, of course. Cheers!