CC Global: Garbage Trucks – RHD Regular Sized, LHD Micro Sized

DAF CF garbage truck - 1

Automated side loaders, we’re talking about garbage trucks, are RHD. The reason is obvious, when looking at the picture: the driver is sitting on the side where the action takes place. This only applies to right-driving countries, which is the right thing to do where I live.

Since it’s RHD, I simply assume this 2018 DAF CF 340 FAN was built in the UK, in the former Leyland trucks lorries production facilities. There’s a 340 DIN-hp, 10.8 liter inline-six under its day cab, known as the MX-11 engine.

These days, all regular sized garbage trucks have three axles. They either have a single wheeled, steering and liftable pusher axle or a ditto tag axle. A pusher axle is ahead of the drive axle, a tag axle is behind it. No place for traditional 6×2 chassis in the garbage collection world of twisting & turning all day long, often in tight spots.

DAF CF garbage truck - 2

The side loader grabs a wheeled bin with a green lid, which means it’s a collection day for the kitchen and garden leftovers. All bins have to be placed on the same side of the road, so that the truck has to drive through the streets only once.

wheeled bins

Our wheeled-bin-trio. Glass and “restgarbage” have to be brought to (separate) underground containers at a location nearby. The restgarbage ends up in a blazing fire, inside a huge oven, generating electricity. Everything else is recycled in another way.

DAF CF garbage truck - 3

So the driver is sitting on the right…watch out for that precious 2002 Hyundai Atos with its 999 cc engine on the left!

The complete garbage collection equipment was supplied by Geesink, a brand of the Geesink Norba Group. The truck’s curb weight is roughly the same as its payload capacity, both are just over 13 metric tons (28,660 lbs).

DFSK garbage truck - 1

About 10 minutes later, I caught this LHD micro sized garbage truck, a 2016 DFSK (Dongfeng Sokon) K01H with a Van den Born body. It’s registered as a dump truck, so that’s how it unloads. The DFSK is powered by a 1,310 cc, four-cylinder engine, running on CNG (compressed natural gas).

DFSK garbage truck - 2

The little truck was too far ahead, I could only take a picture of its rear side, but this is how it looks from another angle. Same brand, model and bodywork.

DAF CF tractor - Nooteboom semi-trailer

Today’s bonus: a 2009 DAF CF 85.410 FTG tractor with a Nooteboom semi-trailer, delivering steel plates at the shipyard. An older CF-series model, also with a day cab. No need to use the tractor’s Hiab crane to unload, as the shipyard has plenty of cranes of their own.