CC Global: Heavy Brick Haulers Photoreport – The River Delta Is Their Home Base

Down through the ages, our rivers have brought us sand and clay, among others. So logically and historically, brickworks have always been situated on or nearby river banks. Consequently, our river delta -my neck of the woods- has also become the epicenter of the oh-so-Dutch heavy brick haulers in more recent times.

The main oh-so-Dutch characteristics are: a 500+ hp tractor, the rig has six axles (always with mutliple steering and liftable axles), tall dropsides, there’s a diesel powered roller crane aboard the semi-trailer and in daily practice, the GVM ranges from 50 to 60 metric tons when fully loaded.

Naturally they deliver bricks and other building materials to construction sites, but they might as well show up in front of your house if you’ve ordered a few pallets for your home improvement job.

Enough talk, I announced the article as a photoreport, so I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

H. van Toorn & Zn.: 2018 Scania S 520 and 2017 Pacton.


Edwin Salari: 2015 Volvo FH and 2015 KWB (Kempische Wagenbouw NV).


Jakob Schipper: 2018 Scania S 580 and 2016 KWB.


Evert de Vries: 2018 DAF XF 530 and 2017 KWB.


Jasper Pellegrom: 2018 Scania S 650 (that’s a 600+ hp tractor, by the way) and 2016 KWB.


Marjo Salari: 2016 Volvo FH and 2012 KWB.

So, how does delivering bricks work in your country or region, river delta or not. It must be some kind of flatbed, but how about the (un)loading process?