CC Global: Heavy Commercial Vehicles – Trucks, Tractors And (Semi-) Trailers

Three Scania R-series tractors

Besides capturing lightweights along my walking routes over the past months, it speaks for itself that I also paid attention to the more weighty rides, only driven by professionals. So Ho-Ho-Ho let’s get this show on the road.

Iveco Stralis Hi-Way 4x2 tractor

Starting at the local furniture factory, an Iveco Stralis Hi-Way 4×2 tractor with a tridem axle curtainsider. The combination’s homeland is Bosnia and Herzegovina.

MAN TGX 4x2 tractor

A similar combination from Denmark, the tractor is a MAN TGX, the truck maker’s top model.

Volvo FM 4x2 tractor - 1

Volvo FM with Schmitz semi-trailer

And another one, arriving empty (see lifted semi-trailer axles) at the same location. The Schmitz curtainsider is towed by a Volvo FM.

DAF CF 75 4x2 box truck

2009 DAF CF 75 4×2 box truck. Dachser, founded in 1930, is a globally operating transport giant, based in Germany.

Scania R560 6x2 tractor

2012 Scania R560 V8 Topline XL 6×2 tractor. Vlastuin Truckopbouw extended the factory sleeper cab, hence XL.

Scania XL-XXL Vlastuin

The Vlastuin company & partners also work their magic on the current generation of heavy Scanias, an example is this S730 V8 6×2 tractor. Order XL for 30 cm (11.8”) extra cab length or XXL for one additional meter (39.4”).

Volvo FM 4x2 tractor - 2

Open door policy, a 2018 Volvo FM tractor with a steering, single axle semi-trailer. A combo like this eats tight corners for lunch.

Scania P280 6x2 box truck - 1

2019 Scania P280 6×2 box truck with a steering and liftable tag axle, powered by an inline-five engine (9.3 liter displacement).

Scania P280 6x2 box truck - 2

The Elcar company built the truck body, Dhollandia supplied the cantilever liftgate.

Scania 93m 4x2 box truck - 1

Scania 93m 4x2 box truck - 2

An oldie at the weekly market, a 1988 Scania 93m 4×2 truck with a day cab; a prime example of a short-distance delivery truck.

MAN TGL 4x2 box truck - 1

MAN TGL 4x2 box truck - 2

Just like this flower transporter, a 2009 MAN TGL 10.220, the lightest of the collection.

Volvo FH 4x2 truck with full trailer

In motion, a Volvo FH truck (Globetrotter XL cab) with a full trailer, carrying swap bodies. The truck is equipped with a slider liftgate.

Volvo FH 10x4 dump truck

Things are getting truly weighty here with this 2009 Volvo FH 10×4 dump truck, rated at a GVM of 49 metric tons (108,027 lbs). It has three steering axles, obviously.

Scania R520 tractor pusher axle

2019 Scania R520 V8 tractor with a steering and liftable pusher axle, a common heavy tractor configuration.

Scania tractors and Volvo dump truck

The two Swedes, side by side. There’s another one lurking in the background.

DAF CF tridem axle truck - 1

Brand spanking new, a tridem axle DAF CF 480 flatbed truck with a rolloader crane. Both the pusher and the tag axle are steering and liftable. The driver inspects the place before unloading.

DAF CF tridem axle truck - 2

Just a few moments later, he went upstairs to operate the crane. With a GVM-rating of 36 metric tons (79,366 lbs), this DAF chassis means business. Owner Excluton ordered 10 of them, with matching Pacton tandem axle trailers.

MAN TGX 4x2 tractor with dry cement bulk tanker

Ending the tour with an entirely different Excluton vehicle. The company makes a wide variety of concrete end products and has its own fleet for bringing dry cement to the plant. Here’s one of their MAN TGX tractors with an FFB Feldbinder dry bulk tanker. The PTO-driven air compressor, for unloading the semi-trailer, is mounted on the tractor’s right side, directly ahead of the drive axle.