CC Global: John Deere 6330 And Lely Lotus 1020 S – Summer Feeling In November

John Deere and Lely Lotus - 1

Some sunny scenery in the river forelands on last Monday afternoon. And definitely the last time in 2020 this John Deere farm tractor and Lely tedder were working together on this field.

John Deere 6330

The John Deere 6330 4WD was offered from 2007 to 2013. It’s powered by a 4.5 liter, four-cylinder diesel engine, turbocharged and intercooled. The engine’s maximum power output is 110 hp. Just perfect for this type of job.

John Deere and Lely Lotus - 2

John Deere and Lely Lotus - 3

John Deere and Lely Lotus - 4

Farmer heading east meets skipper heading west.

John Deere and Lely Lotus - 5

The whole picture, without zooming in. In a few months, everything you see here may be flooded. It all depends on how much rain- and meltwater is coming from Germany in the upcoming winter season.

Next episode: after tedding comes raking (just a few miles further, actually, on the same afternoon).