CC Global: John Deere and Krone Round Baler – Wrap It Up

John Deere tractor and Krone baler - 1

Picking up hay bales with a pitchfork and loading them on a flatbed trailer. Hard manual work that went out of the farmhouse window. That job has been taken over by mighty machinery. These days, only hobbyists seem to take pleasure in handling the pitchfork, especially on hot days.

John Deere tractor and Krone baler - 2

Here’s some of that mighty machinery at work, late October. The last round of this year’s season for sure.

John Deere tractor and Krone baler - 3

A John Deere 6155M farm tractor with a Krone Comprima-series round baler. Krone is a major manufacturer of hay and forage equipment from Germany.

John Deere tractor and Krone baler - 4

A wrapped bale is almost ready for the landing procedure.

John Deere tractor and Krone baler - 5

There it is, on the right. The next one has just been released from the baling compartment, now wrapper-ready.

John Deere tractor and Krone baler - 6

And so on. The round bales will get loaded on a flatbed trailer soon, sans pitchforks. The bales would be way too heavy to lift up manually anyway.

John Deere tractor and Beco tandem axle dump trailer

Just a few days later I caught another Deere. This one is coupled to a BECO tandem axle dump trailer. The firm that owns this combination is both an agricultural contractor and an earthmoving company, a mixture that has become very common over the past years.

The dump trailer has a payload capacity of 22,000 kg (48,500 lbs), given the number 220 in its model designation. Here’s a similar rig, up-close, a New Holland T7.230 with a BECO Maxxim 260.

Those state-of-the-art four-wheelers, you just can’t keep them down on the farm. They want to hit the road too.