CC Global: Lebotec Concrete Screw Piling Equipment – And The Scania Delivery Service

Lebotec drilling rig - Scania heavy haulage tractor

Big diesel machinery, I can’t get enough of it. But you already knew that, of course. I walked by a construction site the other day, where the NederFund company was just setting up some massive equipment. Naturally, I took some pictures of the action.

NederFund, I just assume that’s an acronym of Nederland (the Netherlands) and Fundering (Foundation). Let’s start with the show’s main actor.

Lebotec LBT-7530-B drilling rig

A fairly new Lebotec LBT-7530-B, the drilling rig, weighing around 75 metric tons (165,000 lbs). In short, it manufactures concrete foundation poles in the ground, at the job.

It works as follows: an auger conveyor with a hollow shaft and a valve at the bottom side is screwed into the ground. Then the shaft is filled with wet concrete through a hose and the auger conveyor is pulled up. After that, a steel rebar is put in the concrete for reinforcement. There you go, that’s the process known as concrete screw piling.

Scania P450 10x4 heavy haulage tractor

The drilling rig was delivered at the site by a 2015 Scania P450 10×4 tractor with a Nooteboom low loader. Scania’s P-series has a low cab from the factory, but this one even has an extra low cab (look at its chopped roof). This tractor is ideal to transport overhanging loads, like the long boom of a heavy crane.

The Scania is powered by a 12.7 liter inline-six. The third and fourth axle are the drive axles, with dual wheels. The first, second and fifth axle are steering axles with super singles. The fifth axle is also liftable.

Heavy-haulage rig - WSI diecast

Time to downsize for a short moment, a WSI 1/50 diecast model of a similar Scania + Nooteboom heavy-haulage rig.

Scania 6x4 tractor - Floor semi-trailer

Other crucial equipment for the job was hauled by a Scania R-series 6×4 tractor with a Floor semi-low loader (semi because its wheels are underneath the bed), also owned by the Holtrop-Van der Vlist company. The tractor is equipped with a heavy crane, mounted on its frame, right behind the cab.

Lebotec tracked concrete pump

The same combination, backing up on the site. The tracked, rectangular machine is a Lebotec BP-130 concrete pump. It’s the link between the mixer truck and the drilling rig, with a maximum pump capacity of 130 m³/h at 70 bar (4,590 ft³/h at 1,015 psi). Both the drilling rig and the pump are powered by a Volvo Penta diesel engine.

Lebotec machinery

This last shot puts things in perspective. In between the blue machines, a Volkswagen Caddy panel van.

Last but not least, an action video, accompanied by relaxing music. A bit too relaxing to my taste, given the subject…