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Jan van Dam - Volvo FH16 8x4 - Faymonville 1-bed-3 low loader

The Jan van Dam (John Vandam) company is specialized in transporting all kinds of heavy machines, covering the Netherlands and pretty much all other European countries. That includes removing said machines from a building and bringing them (in)to an other location. Going way beyond moving household furniture in a humble box truck, so to speak.

Their 2018 Volvo FH16-750 8×4/4 tractor with a 2019 Faymonville 1-bed-3 low loader brought a fascinating piece of rolling equipment to the heavy haulage event, held in October last year.

Jan van Dam - Volvo FM 8x4 tridem - Erkin 300 tm crane - 1

This 2016 Volvo FM 8×4*4 crane carrier. So far so good. Nothing spectacular, yet.

Jan van Dam - Volvo FM 8x4 tridem - Erkin 300 tm crane - 2

Jan van Dam - Volvo FM 8x4 tridem - Erkin 300 tm crane - 3

Until you see what it’s actually carrying, an Erkin (known as World Power Erkin) ER-300.000 LK-4 knuckle boom crane. And to think the Turkish manufacturer also offers a similar crane with the number ‘600.000’ in its model designation…

The whole construction is well-thought-out, the end goal was to keep its total weight under 32 tonnes (70,548 lbs) so that the vehicle is allowed to drive through Europe without special permits.

Usually, such a massive crane is mounted on a five-axle chassis, but obviously the plan was carried out with a four-axle truck as a starting point.

Jan van Dam - Volvo FM 8x4 tridem - Erkin 300 tm crane - 4

Work in progress, an example of an inside job with the Volvo-Erkin combination as an outsider.

Jan van Dam - Volvo FH 4x2 - Dinkel 5-axle semi-trailer

Several of Van Dam’s machinery transporters were also present, like this 2023 Volvo FH 4×2 tractor, coupled to a 2014 Dinkel semi-low loader/curtainsider with five axles.

The semi-trailer itself has a legal gross weight rating of 47.5 tonnes (104,720 lbs), whereas the German trailer manufacturer guarantees 54 tonnes (119,050 lbs). The completely standard, 510 hp 4×2 tractor (19 tonnes/41,888 lbs GVWR) is perfectly capable of towing such weighty matters.

Multiple Jan van Dam videos can be found on YouTube, this one covers the company’s whole fleet.