CC Global: Scania Next Gen Torpedoes – Nonmilitary

Krommenhoek - Scania 770 ST - 1

Granted, it has explosive, asphalt-shredding power and torque. Other than that, Krommenhoek’s 2022 Scania 770 ST tractor is quite harmless. The letter T in its model designation stands for Torpedo, but that’s just Dutch jargon for a conventional truck or tractor.

Scania stopped making factory conventionals in October 2005. Since then, the Vlastuin company has filled the utterly tiny niche in the Euro-trucking market by converting factory cabovers into conventionals. That applies to both the previous and the current generation of heavy V8 Scanias.

Oddly enough, the Swedes called their then new series the Next Generation, back in 2016. So what’s next? Probably the Succeeding Next Generation.

Krommenhoek - Scania 770 ST - 2

Sublime fit and finish, that’s another Vlastuin specialty. Noteworthy is that the 6×4 tractor has a disengageable and liftable rearmost drive axle. There’s your perfect combination of a 6×2 chassis with a liftable tag axle and a traditional 6×4 drivetrain.

A savage creature resides underneath the cab hood of the 770 ST. Some numbers of the beast: a 16.4 liter V8, 770 DIN-hp @ 1,800 rpm, 3,700 Nm~2,729 lb-ft @ 1,000-1,450 rpm. No need to look any further; currently, this is the end brute of all on-highway turbodiesels, worldwide.

Krommenhoek - Scania R540

For comparison purposes, here’s a Scania R540 8×2*6 cabover truck. Same owner, same livery. The starting point for the conversion is a LWB chassis-cab(over). The cab itself is moved backwards, whereas the entire factory cab understructure stays intact.

Wiersma - Scania 660 ST - 1

The other torpedo on display at the August 2022 show was this magnificent tanker semi, owned by the Wiersma Groep/Group. The draft horse is a 2022 Scania 660 ST with a 6×2*4 drivetrain (FYI: a 6×2/4 has a steering and liftable pusher axle, whereas a 6×2*4 is equipped with a steering and liftable tag axle).

Wiersma - Scania 660 ST - 3

The young Swede is coupled to a substantially older German, the 2008 tanker semi-trailer was built by Hendricks Fahrzeugwerke GmbH.

Wiersma - Scania 660 ST - 4

There are four separate tank compartments with a total capacity of 45,000 liters (11,888 US gallons). A full load of renewable diesel would weigh 34 to 36 metric tons (75,000 to 80,000 lbs), given its specific weight of 0.76 to 0.80 kg per liter, so I’ve learned.

Wiersma’s big rig at work. Rolling down the road, unloading, and some background info to boot (video by BIGtruck online magazine, English subtitles). A perfect civilian torpedo run.