CC Global: Scania Quartet – Three Livestock Haulers And One Reefer

When transporting livestock, animal welfare and -health have become top priorities in the recent past. If the driving distance exceeds 65 km/40 miles, then the hauling company needs a license for transporting livestock and the driver must have a special certificate. There are strict regulations concerning the registration of the animals and the cleaning/disinfection of the vehicles. If the trip takes more than 8 hours, then the regulations only get more strict.

The cargo compartments of modern livestock big rigs are fully climate controlled and are equipped with an excellent ventilation- and drinking water system. Last April, when visiting a truck show, I captured a trio of livestock haulers on camera. Vehicles owned and driven by dedicated professionals.

It’s quite obvious that this combination’s job is hauling pigs. The 2017 Scania S520 tractor tows a 2011 Berdex semi-trailer. The national (Dutch) GVM rating for this rig is 46.5 metric tons, yet on a Trans-European trip that would be limited to 40 metric tons.

Here’s a video, featuring a Berdex semi-trailer and the loading process of pigs.

Next is a 2016 Scania R450, it says biggentransport on the front of its high roof. Transporting piglets, in plain English. This is the only Scania with an inline-6 engine (12.7 liter displacement), the others shown here are powered by a stomping 16.4 liter V8.

A different set-up, a 2016 Scania R520 6×2 straight truck with a drawbar trailer. ‘t Komt Goed! is the owner’s slogan. Everything will be alright.

Well then, let’s cut to the chase. After the pig comes pork and after the cow comes beef. And here we happen to have a specialist in beef, since 1957.

What a splendid reefer! A 2017 Scania S730 (as in 730 hp) 6×2 truck with a matching drawbar trailer. Its GVM rating is 50 metric tons, given the fact that the combination has 6 axles. The legal maximum overall length for such a truck-trailer combination is 18.75 m (61’6”).

…’t Komt Goed!…