CC Global: Some Modern Volvo Recovery Vehicles

Modern - 2022 Volvo FH 6x2/4 tractor

There are two over-the-road ways to recover a seriously damaged or broken-down large commercial vehicle: either by hooking it up to a heavy wrecker or by putting the vehicle on a low loader. Perfectly displayed here by parking a heavy wrecker on a low loader.

Modern - 2022 Nooteboom Euro-47-02(P) low loader - 1

The extendable, 2022 Nooteboom Euro-47-02(P) is coupled to a 2022 Volvo FH 6×2/4 tractor.

Modern - 2022 Nooteboom Euro-47-02(P) low loader - 2

The wrecker’s entire front end is resting on the low loader’s extended outer beams. The Nooteboom’s payload capacity is 31,650 kg (69,776 lbs). The registered curb weight of the wrecker truck is 26,210 kg (57,783 lbs), so everything is perfectly in order.

Modern - recovery articulated bus

Additional length is on tap when needed. For example, when the job at hand is the transport/recovery of an articulated, 18.20 m (59’8”) long bus, an electric Heuliez GX 437.

Modern - 2022 Volvo FH 8x4 Century 9055 wrecker

The 2022 Volvo FH 8×4 wrecker, equipped with a Century 9055 towing and recovery unit, comes with a wide-spread (as in increased axle spacing) rear tandem, something I hadn’t seen before in this line of business.

It’s a conversion job done by the Terberg company, resulting in four tonnes (8,818 lbs) extra axle weight rating for the tandem, that is to say an increase from 19 to 23 tonnes. Hydropneumatic suspension and a steering rearmost drive axle are also part of the aftermarket Terberg package.

The hefty Volvo hits the road in this YouTube video, giving an unlucky MAN a lift. (video posted by BIGtruck online magazine)