CC Global: Terberg, MAN And Ginaf 10×4 Dump Trucks – Heavyweight Champions

Straight trucks with a legal maximum (on-road) GVM of 110,000 lbs; unthinkable in most countries, highly common in the Netherlands. The chassis must have five axles, to retain maneuverability at least three of them are steering axles. This type of heavy trucks is available in any drive axle configuration: 10×2, 10×4, 10×6 and 10×8. Tatra even offers a 10×10 chassis, so far I haven’t seen one yet.

Recently I caught three 10×4 dump trucks, parked at the curb on a sunny Sunday. Let’s start with the oldest brute, a 2005 Terberg FM2850T.

Terberg is a Dutch manufacturing company that built on-/off-road trucks, using Volvo cabs and powertrain components. They don’t make complete heavy trucks anymore, these days Terberg is known for their port & terminal tractors, special vehicles and chassis modifications.

The Terberg is powered by a 12.1 liter Volvo inline-six, good for 420 DIN-hp.

This is the third (steering) axle.

The drive shaft to the fifth axle, which is also a steering axle.

In the foreground a part of the steering mechanism for the fifth axle.

The Terberg has a substantially longer front overhang than the factory Volvo chassis, indicated by the gap between the cab’s fender/step and the wheel. An aannemingsbedrijf is a contractor/construction company.

Now to a German representative, a 2015 MAN TGS asphalt hauler. Jan Bakker owns the truck, Jan Veenhuis built the dump bed.

Because MAN doesn’t offer a factory chassis with five axles the way us Dutch want it, the truck has to be “overhauled” by a specialized chassis modifier. In this case WVT (Wierda Voertuig Techniek) from Joure, the Netherlands.

Just like the Terberg, this MAN has four steering axles (the first, second, third and fifth axle).

Unlike the Terberg and the Ginaf below, the MAN has a sleeper cab. It’s all about offering extra comfort and convenience when the driver wants -or rather has- to take a well deserved break. Asphalt hauling is a 24/7 business.

The last one of today’s trio, a 2017 Ginaf X6 5249 CE, shining bright.

While Terbergs were based on Volvo technology, Ginaf’s starting point is a DAF chassis-cab.

DAF doesn’t offer a factory truck chassis with five axles. In this case, the third steering axle is an add-on by Ginaf. In other words, a conversion from a DAF 8×4 to a Ginaf 10×4.

The truck’s engine is a 12.9 liter DAF-Paccar MX-13 with a maximum power output of 460 DIN-hp.

Three heavy-duty steering axles (10,000 kg maximum axle load each) with super singles. The third steering axle is liftable, this also applies to the Terberg and the MAN.

The DAF tandem at the rear, rated at a total legal maximum axle load of 19,000 kg. Because of the Terberg’s and MAN’s increased axle spacing, their drive axles are rated at 11,500 kg each (so a total of 23,000 kg for the rear tandem).

Generally, the payload capacity of a 10×4 dump truck is around 29,000 to 30,000 kg (64,000 to 66,000 lbs). A 10×4 chassis is also often used for a concrete mixer with a 15 cubic meters (19.6 cubic yards) drum capacity.

No steering fifth axle here, everything straight from the DAF factory without modifications.

DAF’s CF-series day cab. The abbreviation g.w.w. stands for grond-, weg- en waterbouw (civil engineering).

The fuel tank fits perfectly between the third and fourth axle.

Anti-spray mud flaps/splash guards.

Dump beds have to be equipped with a full covering system.

You’ve probably noticed the werkverkeer-sign on the back of the trucks, typically it can be found on large on-/off-road vehicles, working on or alongside the road. Literally it means working traffic…how appropriate when carrying so much weight on your back!