CC Global: Toyota Corolla Touring Sports 2.0 Hybrid GR-Sport – That’s a Wagon

Corolla TS - 1

Last Monday, I visited the dealership for the annual technical and safety inspection of my faithful Land Cruiser (19 years old now, with 383,000 km on the clock). While the guys in the workshop were doing their thing, I inspected the showroom and took pictures of a Toyota duo, unknown to many of you. Round one features Toyota’s C-segment/compact wagon, the Corolla TS (Touring Sports).

Corolla TS - 2

Our engine options for the Corolla hatchback and TS are a 1.2 Turbo engine (116 DIN-hp), the 1.8 Hybrid (122 DIN-hp) and the 2.0 Hybrid (184 DIN-hp). The Corolla sedan always has the 1.8 Hybrid under its hood. But why would you want a sedan in this segment? Frankly, there is no market to speak of for them here.

Corolla TS - 3

This shade of metallic grey is called Dynamic Grey.

Corolla TS - 4

If you prefer a slightly lifted Corolla TS, as in 20 mm extra ride height, combined with some black cladding, you simply order the Corolla TREK.

Corolla GR-Sport 17'' rim

GR-Sport is merely a trim level, no extra power or a stiffer suspension (yet). These 17” rims come with the package.

Corolla GR-Sport interior-dash

Just like the red detailing in the interior.

Corolla TS rear seat

Corolla TS trunk

Fold down the rear seat(s) and you’ll get a fully flat cargo floor.

Corolla TS dimensions

The TS is 280 mm (11”) longer than the hatchback. The wheelbase-bonus is 60 mm (2.4”).

Corolla hatchback vs TS

A Denim Blue hatchback vs the Dynamic Grey TS.

Corolla hatchback left-rear

Corolla TS right-rear

You clearly get more Corolla, when opting for the TS.

Round two of the showroom impressions highlights an utterly pragmatic Toyota model.