CC Global: Vans In Iceland


As some retirees are prone to do, my parents have been trying to see how quickly they can fill the pages of their passports.  This is terrific, as I am attempting to train them on the finer points of car-spotting.  These pictures were taken in June at various locations in Iceland.

This first van isn’t your ordinary 15 passenger E-350.  This diesel powered van has been converted to four-wheel drive and is a tour vehicle that crawled and snaked its way over some very rugged terrain.


This picture of a stretched Ford Excursion should give you a better idea of how the E-350 had been modified.  I cropped out a piece of one of these from the top picture, but height is comparable between the two.


Are these vans or are they busses?  Is there really a huge difference?  Either way, this pair of Mercedes people movers seem to be hard at work in rural Iceland.  The background does make for a nice picture.

My parents are on the prowl again; let’s hope they find some good subject matter.