CC Global: Volkswagen Transporters T6.1 And T6 – The Last Of Us

Van Wijgerden - Volkswagen Transporters -1

The 2023 Volkswagen Transporter T6.1 panel van on the left is the final edition of ICE-powered, one-tonne commercial vehicles developed and built by Volkswagen. Its successor will be unveiled next summer, yet it will be fully based on the latest Ford Transit Custom model.

The T6.1 is merely an evolution of the 2003 T5 generation. The complete timeline: 2003 T5, 2009 T5.1 (first update), 2015 T6 (second update), 2019 T6.1 (third and last update).

Van Wijgerden - Volkswagen Transporters - 2

The Transporter trio, normally working as oversize load pilot vehicles, got a free ride on a Nooteboom four-axle low loader. The middlevan and the one on the upper deck are T6 vans, respectively from 2018 and 2016. All three are powered by a 2.0 TDI engine, from left to right: 150 DIN-hp, ditto, 140 DIN-hp.

Volkswagen Transporter T6.1 dashboard

Typical Volkswagen clean dash policy in the T6.1. Frivolities? Nein, danke.

Volkswagen Multivan T7

Things are getting a bit confusing now. This is called a Volkswagen Multivan T7, a minivan rolling on their MQB Evo platform.

2024 Ford Transit Custom - 1

2024 Ford Transit Custom - 2

2024 Ford Transit Custom - 3

And here we have the starting point for the next Transporter, the 2024 Ford Transit Custom. There’s a Custom for all customers: turbodiesel (2.0 liter), plug-in hybrid (2.5 liter gasoline) or full electric.

Van Wijgerden - Scania T143E tractor - Nooteboom low loader

What an utterly easy transport job it was for the 1994 Scania T143E 500 V8 8×4 tractor. Turbodiesel only (14 liter).