CC Global: Volvo FM Based Megastructure

De Waard - Volvo FM 10x4 - Erkin - 1

Never before had I seen such a colossal creation mounted on the frame of a standard size truck. At first glance, the Volvo simply seems to be too small and light to carry that massive knuckle boom crane as its permanent load. I caught it in the warehouse/showroom of a used truck dealer in the Netherlands, last September.

The truck is a Volvo FM 10×4 alright, obviously owned by De Waard. Yet back then I couldn’t find any further information or pictures. But things have unfolded since, besides the crane itself.

De Waard - Volvo FM 10x4 - Erkin - 2

This turned out to be an Erkin ER-365.000 L-8 knuckle boom crane from Turkey (FYI, the underlined numbers are kilogrammes, skip the dots).

The carrier is a 2010, 375 kW/510 DIN-hp Volvo FM 10×4 with air suspension on all axles, though the truck left the factory as a 6×4 chassis-cab. A specialist from Denmark added two steering pusher axles and it was also in that country where the whole ensemble started its career.

De Waard - Volvo FM 10x4 - Erkin - 3

De Waard, the latest and current owner, posted several pictures of the imported and fully repainted combination on their FB-site. According to its registration, the beast weighs 49,220 kg (108,512 lbs). And it’s clearly built as compact as possible, so a perfect job from all parties involved!

De Waard - Volvo FM 10x4 - Erkin - 4

De Waard - Volvo FM 10x4 - Erkin - 5

Here’s some teamwork, with a crucial role for the Volvo-Erkin. The crew is building a bridge for agricultural machinery. Note the wheeled excavator in the contractor’s livery, something you rarely see. The plan comes together just fine, most certainly if the bridge -once finished- can hold the weight of the heavy lifter.