CC Global: Volvo, Nooteboom And Woltman – We Brake For Nobody

Brouwer - Volvo FM - Nooteboom - Woltman - 1

The Brouwer haulage company from the Netherlands is a third generation family business and is specialized in city logistics. More specifically: transporting king-sized, tracked machines deep into built-up areas and collecting them after the job. Something like this 85 tonnes (187,000 lbs) drilling rig, carried by a Nooteboom low loader with the assistance of a Volvo tractor unit.

Brouwer - Volvo FM - Nooteboom - Woltman - 2

The front man is a 2015 Volvo FM-540 10×4*6 tractor with an I-Shift automated manual transmission. The factory cab roof has been lowered behind the doors, which is an aftermarket job.

Brouwer - Volvo FM - Nooteboom - Woltman - 3

Next in the line-up is a 2016 Nooteboom Euro 132-25(P) low loader with a payload capacity of 95 tonnes (209,000 lbs). Heavy-duty, you say?

The low loader’s gooseneck is coupled to a tandem axle jeep dolly, the whole ensemble is towed by the Volvo. The gooseneck is equipped with a diesel engine driven hydraulic power pack. Also visible in the picture is the Volvo’s big fuel tank, mounted on top of its frame.

Brouwer - Volvo FM - Nooteboom - Woltman - 4

Here’s the tail end of the combination. The Nooteboom’s bed can be widened to 3.26 m (10’8”) and besides from the front, it can be (un)loaded from both sides.

Brouwer - Volvo FM - Nooteboom - Woltman - 5

‘Nil nobis absurdum’ means something like ‘nothing is too absurd for us’. The Latin expression was originally used by the special haulage unit of the Dutch Army.

Verhoef - Woltman THW 7528-D

This is how the sleeping monster on the bed looks when fully awake. It goes by the name of Woltman THW 7528-D, tamed and owned by Verhoef Funderingstechnieken B.V.

You can see for yourself what ‘deep into built-up areas’ means. The video shows an other Brouwer combination, a Scania R730 10×4*6 tractor with a Nooteboom 3-bed-6 low loader. That’s from front to rear: three axles, bed, six axles. The detachable front unit (between the gooseneck and the bed) with the three axles is called an interdolly. It’s also interesting to see how the drilling rig places and folds itself on the low loader (though the other way around).

More Hefty Metal will follow. The only drawback of visiting a special haulage event is that every standard ‘big’ rig you see afterwards is a bit of a letdown, size- and especially weight-wise.