CC History: 1937 Single Bearer Stretcher Carrier – DAF’s Smallest Vehicle Ever

In the late forties, DAF started the production of heavy trucks. Prior to the Second World War, the company was best known for their trailers and semi-trailers. But the Van Doorne brothers from Eindhoven also had an excellent reputation for developing and building all kinds of custom-made products, both for the civilian and for the military market.

When the Dutch Ministry of Defence asked DAF to build a stretcher carrier that could be handled by only one bearer, Hub van Doorne developed a new set of wheels. The end result can be seen in the recently expanded DAF Museum.

Both the track width and ride height are adjustable.

Now to some pictures from the factory brochure.

It speaks for itself that two bearers could do the job just as well.

The bare-bones commuter bike hasn’t changed much over the years.

Can someone identify the motorcycle?

It is said that a human test subject found the ride very comfortable, surely thanks to the carrier’s torsion bar suspension.

Writer’s note: upcoming DAFs will have an internal combustion engine.

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