CC History: DAF YA 328 Artillery Tractor And Some Other Cold War Relics

DAF YA 328 - 1

Once an Air Force base, now an event venue. The old buildings still scattered alongside the runway and a few military vehicles from bygone times are just sitting there as decorative items. For those who are topographically interested, google Vliegveld Twenthe. It was an ideal location for the splendid truck show I attended.

DAF YA 328 - 2

A bit sad to see this DAF YA 328 artillery tractor fading away. Luckily, there are still many others out there, often in an excellent condition.

DAF YA 328 - 3

Without any doubt, the YA 328 6×6 is DAF’s most legendary military vehicle ever. It was developed in the early fifties, yet one can say it’s an evolution of pre-war DAF military equipment and knowledge.

DAF YA 328 - 4

DAF YA 328 - 5

These were powered by a 132 hp, Hercules JXLD gasoline engine. The transmission was a constant mesh, ZF five-speed.

DAF YA 328 - 6

At the rear, the tow hook and winch combination, to which the gun was attached. The YA 328 was also built as a cargo truck (with a longer bed) and as a fire engine or crashtender (albeit in small numbers).

DAF YA 328 - 7

The truck’s most distinctive and famous feature was the so-called H-drive drivetrain, with drive shafts on both sides, lengthwise between the wheels and the frame rails. There was only one differential and the wheel travel of the rear tandem was phenomenal.

DAF YA 328 - 8

The real thing, its left side.

DAF YA 328 - 9

DAF YA 328 - 10

DAF YA 328 - 11

And the right side.

DAF YA 328 - 12

Left side, behind the front wheel.

DAF YA 328 - 13

On uneven terrain, the spare tires functioned as supporting wheels, rolling along just fine. They also protected the driveline.

Many YA 328 action videos have been posted on YouTube, like this one. These Dikke DAFs -their nickname- will soldier on for years to come, though all of them have retired a long time ago.

Tracked military vehicle - 1

Tracked military vehicle - 2

This must be an armo(u)red personnel carrier, or APC, in short. CC’s military experts can fill in the details.

Jet carrier - 1

Jet carrier - 2

The same applies to this lovely couple.

Air traffic control tower Twenthe

The former air base traffic control tower from another point of view.

Shelter and Fiat Ducato

There are eight of these old F-16 shelters on the premises. The 2021 Fiat Ducato 2.3 MultiJet II (140 DIN-hp in this van) was the smallest set of wheels at the show. Say, those are some serious LEGO bricks to play with!

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