CC Kids: 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee and 1997 Toyota Camry – Wintertime Fun

CCWinter Jeep

I came across these old photos of a younger me playing in the falling snow alongside my mother’s 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee and my Aunt Kathy’s 1997 Toyota Camry.  My grandfather’s Eighty-Eight was given exclusive rights to the garage during storms like the one pictured.  There is no date marked, but this picture would have to be either from the winter of 1997-98 or 1998-99.  Those would’ve been the only two winters there could have been any overlap in ownership of the Jeep and the Toyota.  I’m almost certain this was taken during the first of those two winters, probably in January or February of ’98, when we received significant snowfall. That would make me 4 years old when these pictures were taken.

I really miss the navy blue Grand Cherokee. It was my mom’s first Jeep, and the first of her cars that I remember. Notice how low the beltline is, making for windows large enough for a small child to actually see what was outside.  Perched on my booster seat, these were my windows on the world.

Also seen in the background are our neighbor Nancy’s Chevy Astro and to the upper right, the Mazda B-Series pickup owned by our neighbor Mr. Jarvis.

CCWinter Camry

This picture is of me and Kathy cleaning off her fairly new ’97 Camry. It was a pretty basic LE model, but nonetheless a comfortable, right-sized car. It was the second of Kathy’s three Toyotas, between her ’93 Corolla and ’01 Camry.

Winter was so much more fun when I was a kid and didn’t have to worry about driving in the snow!