CC Kids: ’31 Plymouth And 1970’s Biscayne

 Kids Jer 2

(sent in by Jer Thomas)

I thank you for your wonderful site and excellent contributors, and would like to submit a couple Childhood CC photos. One is me in my grandpas 31 Plymouth business coupe, circa 1984. It was a mild rod, with a built Buick 231 v-6, THM350, all steel car.

Kids Jer 1

The other picture is me with my mother and my dad’s mid 70’s Chevy Biscayne, also in 1984. I had a lot of full size GM exposure as a child and it stayed with me my whole life. I don’t recall the year of the Biscayne; it was gone when I was a toddler. I asked my Dad about it, and he couldn’t even remember the Biscayne; he’s just not a car guy.

A couple years ago I made a decision to daily drive a CC, and I got a 1986 Pontiac Parisienne base. I always appreciate seeing other CCs. I live in Southwestern Ontario, Canada and I thoroughly enjoy seeing how old cars in your locale thrive with the years.

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