CC Kids: “CommieHook” With Mystery Car, Camper, And Karmann Ghia, His First Car


Hey guys, I absolutely love your site.  One of very few websites that I visit every day!

This first picture is me about 46 years ago in front of my grandfather’s car.  I have no idea what that car is, any ideas?
ScreenHunter_19 Oct. 23 12.39
The second picture is  me and my mom in front of our camper, an old bread truck that my dad converted.  Any idea who made the old bread truck?
ScreenHunter_21 Oct. 23 12.40
Pictures 3 and 4 is my first car, a 1971 VW Karmann Ghia.  My dad (In the first pic with me.) opened up the wheel wells and put on Chevy rims.
ScreenHunter_22 Oct. 23 12.41
Street line yellow is the color that he painted it, as you can see in the second picture with my brother and me about to head to camp. Ignore the front end damage, I hit a taxi cab…..
Thanks guys!