CC Kids: Louis D. – Embarrassed To Be Seen With The Renault Dauphine?

Kids louis -dauphine-60

Here’s a picture of a 7-year old me taken in 1960 at the family home, in front of the 1960 Renault Dauphine my Dad had purchased for my older sisters and brother, who were 16 to 21 years old at the time. In theory, this second car was also for my mother’s benefit, but she never mastered the floor mounted 3-speed. My mom had learned to drive on a 1950(51?) Studebaker using a column- mounted 3-speed, but just couldn’t ‘find’ the gears on the Dauphine.

Note the hole in the center of the bumper. Yes, you could start the rear-engined Dauphine using a hand crank, if you were so inclined. The jack handle doubled as the crank handle.

I remember that the fuel filler was under rear hood, which caused a lot of amusement at gas stations as the attendant circled the car looking for the filler door.

Looks like I’m dressed for a special occasion, probably at church. I don’t look too thrilled about the whole thing, however. Maybe I’m just embarrassed about posing with the Dauphine?