CC Kids: The Origins of Moparlee’s Mopar Love

The one of me with my Mother is in front of my Dad’s 1955 Dodge Crusader.  I am certain it was taken at Niagara Falls for a visit and possibly an outdoor picnic.  The concrete and steel fence in the background is the giveaway.  In this photo, the car is solid blue.  At one time or another, the car was two tone, but it had been repainted following a crash my Dad was in.  He may have (probably) had too much to drink and had the wreck.  I loved this car, it’s what led me to be a Mopar guy.

The other one is of me standing next to my Dad’s 1966 Plymouth Valiant.  I believe we would have been going to visit my parents life long friends who lived at Camp Borden, an old army base in Ontario, near Barrie.  That gentleman helped to foster my interest in photography.  We were unable to keep this Valiant for long.  While out of town, my Dad crashed it and had it not been for a sturdy guard rail he would have met his maker that day.  I believe his license was taken away, again, never to be restored.