CC Kids: Jud L. and the Stinky Plymouth

ED: I’ve gotten a number of CC Kids responses, so we’ll start with this one by Jud L., who lives just five blocks from me. I’ve seen him riding his trike around, but didn’t make the connection.  🙂

First photo is me with my father’s ’65 Plymouth Fury in the background. He actually practiced large-animal veterinary medicine in Cumberland County, PA. out of leased, full-size four-doors for many years. They were always stripper Plymouths or Fords (though he once had a Rambler Rebel). The back seat would come out, and that area and the trunk were filled with the tools and medicines necessary to doctor dairy cow herds.

He’d rack up about 50K miles in 2 years, then exchange for a new car. They all smelled strongly of cow shit from about week one, and I’ve wondered how they fared on the secondary market. When vans became a bit more civilized in the mid-70’s, he switched to a short wheelbase Dodge Tradesman and had vans thereafter. Photo is from summer 1967.

Second photo is me and my siblings in early 1968 with the family ’64 Chevelle Malibu wagon.