CC Outtake: 1956 Or 1957 Studebaker Champion? – You Decide

About a block from my home (Note: blocks are flexible, I live in the country) is a mechanic who has decided to sell cars.  Generally he has pretty normal cars. The other night I was coming home from somewhere and this pops up. There was enough light that I figured I could get a couple pictures. I don’t think I have ever seen a used car lot that was encased in barbed wire.  Well this is East Texas, and now I realize that I have.  I found this Studebaker the evening before Tom’s half dark cavalier appeared.  I prefer white for that time of day.

This is a Studebaker Champion from 1956 or 1957.  I pegged it as a 56 and it looks like one.  When trying to do due diligence, I came to find that I cannot tell the difference between the two years.  I thought I had found something to tell the difference when I realized that there is no strip in the rear window. I quickly realized this separates the Champion from the President but not a ’56 from a ’57.  According to that well respected font of wisdom google images, the grill did not change.  I do not have to ask if there are any Studephiles in the readership here.  I know there are some much more knowledgeable than I.  Have a shot at it.  ’56 or ’57?

Whichever it is, from what I can see of the interior it’s clean. I would be plumb tickled to find a stall for it in my stable.