CC Outtake: 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu Sport Sedan – Golden Edition

Owned by a truck driver or a truck enthusiast, that’s for sure. When I walked back to my own diesel-ride, after visiting an excellent big rig show, this classic Chevy crossed my path. It might well be the first non-coupe Chevelle of the 1968-1972 generation I’ve met in the flesh/metal.

This hardtop sport sedan was imported into the Netherlands in 1997, it was registered on the current owner’s name in August last year. Under its hood a V8, displacement unknown (as in not registered). I’m sure the CC-crowd can fill in all the blanks.

Older than 40 years, thus fully road tax free. The engine runs on LPG, which is by far the cheapest fuel per liter available here. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is someone’s daily driver, or at least a very frequent one. I also wouldn’t be surprised if that person is pre-middle-aged.

Now roll those fuzzy dice!