CC Outtake: 1975 Buick LeSabre Convertible – A Topless Exit


(First posted 7/24/2013)   In response to JPC’s (1976 Buick Electra) find and Paul’s (1976 Buick Skyhawk) Cohort post, I present you a third option with this 1975 Buick LeSabre convertible. As most of you know, 1975 was the very last year for all GM B-body convertibles. Production numbers for all 1971-75 B-body convertibles were very low across all divisions. Once word spread that 1975 would be its swansong, production of this LeSabre Custom convertible actually shot up to around 5,300 units.

blsc 72413

Now this car may look familiar to you, as I included one shot of it in my (CCs of San Francisco) post last month. Nonetheless, this “Golden Tan” beauty is quite the rare bird. Thankfully, the majority of them were purchased new with the intent of becoming collector’s cars.


This car appears to be mostly original. The only obvious aftermarket touches were the cartoonish donkey hood ornament and the ’90s-looking radio. Thankfully the steering wheel has not been replaced.


I was surprised to see manual-crank windows. By 1975, most B-body convertibles were equipped better than their coupe and sedan counterparts. Even most Delta 88 convertibles I’ve seen have power windows.


The thing I like most about these cars is the rear-end styling. Simple and classy. I wonder if low deck lids will ever make a comeback?

Photographed in Yountville, California – June 2013