CC Outtake: 1981 AMC Concord – Deadly Sin? Not


 I was at the Auto Zone today and just minding my own business when in came this car.  Even though it has two wheels too many there were reasons I could not ignore it.  I had been reading comments all week it seems about AMC’s sins and mistakes.  I just wanted to prove that they are still alive (perhaps in my mind only) and well.

 The odometer has mid seventy thousand miles and the owner says he has no idea how often it’s turned over.  Looking at the interior condition, it may not have been often.

He does know that he has a 258 and a slush box and that it saves a lot of gas compared to his truck.  I was drawn to it because I owned a ’78 model of the same color.  Brougham anyone?

It’s remarkably well preserved when you consider it’s a daily driver.  He asked that I not shoot the right side as there is a little ding.  He is certainly right and I didn’t.

A little elbow grease and fresh paint anyone?