CC Outtake: 1985 Honda Accord LX – The Rust Monster Hasn’t Gotten This One Yet

12-24-2013 041

A few weeks ago I was rather surprised to see a 2nd-gen Accord parked in front of an ice cream shop. Any Japanese cars from prior to 1990 are rather thin on the ground here, but this one is still kicking. And it’s even an LX model, with a Cutlass Ciera-approved trunk-mounted luggage rack!

I was somewhat surprised that this one had a caved-in roof–under what circumstances would that have happened? Unfortunately I was only able to get one shot (I had bigger fish to fry), but I have in fact spotted an even nicer Accord of this generation around town, and it will get the CC treatment sometime soon. Until then, this one will just have to tide you over!