CC Outtake: 1986 Chevrolet G30 Cutaway Hi-Cube Van – Unheimlich

1986 Chevy G30 Hi-Cube Van - 1

Plenty of Chevy (conversion) vans around here, at least enough to say that these are not really special. But this rather sinister looking beastie might well be the first cutaway I’ve ever encountered.

1986 Chevy G30 Hi-Cube Van - 2

Both Duel and Jeepers Creepers come to mind. Too bad it wasn’t parked in a more remote location, with gloomy weather conditions. For that extra, uncanny twist.

1986 Chevy G30 Hi-Cube Van - 3

The Chevy is powered by the 6.2 liter, V8 diesel engine. Searching the web, I found many pictures of cutaway hi-cube vans with exactly the same body.

1986 Chevy G30

Like this identical 1986 Chevy G30, there’s a sliding door on the right side of the cargo box. To me, these look like (former) parcel delivery vans. Yet I also found several of them that were used by the US Army.

It would also be a nice starting point for a motorhome conversion, in which case a brighter exterior would be appropriate too.