CC Outtake: 1989 Buick Reatta – Does It Have The Touchscreen?

April 2013 019 (800x533)

On a recent Sunday, I ran across this Reatta coupe, that two-seat Buick “Allante” halo car of the late ’80s and early ’90s. I always liked these things, and this one was cherry. But, as I’m sure you’ve figured out from the title, I was interested in whether it had the vaunted touchscreen.

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The odds were in my favor, as it seems more Reattas than Rivieras had them, though I did do a CC on an ’89 Riv that had it–and still worked, according to the owner.

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I parked, walked across the street, and–bingo!–it indeed did have it. No one was around, so the question of it working remains unanswered.

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GM in the ’80s had a lot of interesting technology like this, but the touchscreens on these cars, with their CTR displays, were not the most robust, and replacement of the unit was a fair chunk of change, even for the well-to-do owners who bought these cars new. They did, however, preview the future in in-car finger-smeared radio and HVAC technology–for better or worse.

For more on the Reatta, its CC can be found here.

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