CC Outtake: 1991 GMC Motorhome – Rolling Chassis By General Motors, Unknown Bodybuilder *)

*) Update March 17: it’s a 1991 Gulf Stream Innsbruck Class A motorhome, model 8220. Many thanks to PolarBear and Dennis F. Otto (the designer).

When I visited a show for British cars the other day, I stumbled upon this not so British mobile home. I checked its plate, it’s registered as a 1991 GMC Insbruck. But that doesn’t lead (me) to anything. Not even to Innsbruck, Austria.

The rolling chassis is a GMC alright, but there was no clue whatsoever which company built the motorhome body. There was no one in or near the vehicle, so I couldn’t ask the owner(s) either.

Its overall length is 6.98 m (22’11”), registered curb weight 4,120 kg (9,083 lbs).

Maximum front axle load 1,900 kg (4,189 lbs), the rear axle with dual wheels is good for another 3,540 kg (7,804 lbs).

A diesel powered truck chassis wouldn’t mind a good towing job.

As I’m a short guy, taking decent pictures of the interior wasn’t easy. All in all it didn’t work out too bad…

Without knowing it’s an older motorhome, this might as well be the face of a more modern, compact coach. Simple, square lined and clean. Quite timeless.

Does anyone of the global CC-commentariat has any idea who might have been the bodybuilder?