CC Outtake: 1991 Grand Marquis Colony Park – Still Working

This car was sighted at a busy tourist trap near Brenham, Texas. The owner says she just bought it in Houston and intends for it to work for a living.  I can understand that.  What she couldn’t understand was why anyone would want to take pictures of her old car.  She was happy when I told her they were becoming rare and that I wasn’t “quite right”. When it comes to old cars, that might describe a lot of us.

By 1992, Ford and Mercury had gone Aero; the last year for bricks, including the squared-off Colony Park wagon, was 1991. These wagons came with 302 V8s and were underpinned by the Panther platform.  When this car was new, wagons were losing out to minivans for many reasons. Fuel economy was high on that list, but utility was not.  These are workers.

This one looks to be pretty well maintained.  A bad repair on the taillight and a little worn paint on the hood about sums it up.


These abound in Texas, thanks to the absence of winter salt and the tin worm.

This one shows a bit of fading of the wood and the interior.

I wished her well, and told her I think she managed to find the workhorse she was looking for. I just think it might be a little thirstier than what she expected, but to each his or her own.