CC Outtake: 1997 Ford Crown Victoria Wagon – Bringing New Meaning To The Ford “Country Sedan”

1997CrownVicwagon_01_700(Photos: Hemmings Daily)

After 41 storied years as America’s quintessential “woody” station wagon, the Country Squire nameplate was laid to rest in 1991, when a fresh crop of Aero Panthers debuted for 1992. With SUVs, minivans, and smaller wagons, Ford had a fleet of long-roofed vehicles to cover all the important segments. With the dwindling sales of full-size station wagons, it just wasn’t worth the investment in a station wagon body style for the 1992 Crown Vic and Grand Marquis. But at least one person out there didn’t let this stop him from having a post-1991 Panther wagon.


Starting with a 1997 Crown Victoria sedan, a coach builder grafted the rear greenhouse of a pre-ovoid Taurus/Sable wagon onto the trunk. Due to the Taurus/Sable’s shorter length and narrower width, the wagon roof looks a bit on the clumsy side. Nonetheless, its an interesting conversion, and helps to better-imagine what an Aero Panther wagon would have looked like. It’s no Country Squire though.