CC Outtake: 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ75 Pickup – The World’s Finest Prepper Truck

Body-on-frame, live axles with leaf springs, a manual transmission, and -above all- a big lump of a naturally aspirated diesel engine with a mechanical injection pump. If you like an utterly basic and simple truck that will get you anywhere, then this is the one for you.

A hard working representative of the venerable Land Cruiser 70-Series, as introduced in 1984. More specifically, the professional, heavy-duty line of the business.

The registered legal maximum GVM is 3,035 kg (6,691 lbs). Given its curb weight of 1,981 kg (4,367 lbs), the payload capacity is 1,054 kg (2,324 lbs).

As for me, the best part is under its hood: Toyota’s 1HZ diesel engine. An inline-six with a displacement of 4.2 liter, cast iron block and head (SOHC 12v).

All this leads to a very relaxed and relaxing 131 DIN-hp @ 3,800 rpm.

To put things into perspective, parked behind the Land Cruiser is another diesel powered Toyota, registered as a commercial vehicle: a 2006 RAV4 2.0 D-4D with a panel van-conversion.

The RAV4 is powered by an inline-four with 2.0 liter displacement (DOHC 16v), common rail injection, turbocharged, intercooled. Maximum power output 116 DIN-hp. And even that number is quite conservative for such an engine.

Parts for this truck -if needed- are available at dealerships and local smithies around the globe, regardless of how remote the area is.

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