CC Outtake: A Brougham In The Night

1-03-2013 001

I was pulling out of a shopping center the other evening when, to my surprise, I saw a Pontiac Parisienne ahead of me. And in the dark, how did I know it was a Brougham and not a standard ’86 Parisienne?

1984 Pontiac Full Line-42-43

Why, from its glowing opera lamp, of course. While the 1983-84 Parisiennes (an ’84 is shown above) were clearly badge-engineered from the Caprice, 1985 models regained the 1980-81 Bonneville rear quarters, fender skirts and tail panel–and opera lamps on the Brougham! I already had Pontiacs on the brain–especially Grand Villes–due to my New Year’s post last week, so this “Capricienne” was a happy little cap to the day.

1-03-2013 002