CC Outtake – A Lincoln Mark IV Passes A Gas Station…For A Change

Lincoln Mk IV citgo

This particular intersection of the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago, at Devon & Greenview, has been ripe for CC-spottings.  I’ve made do in this city for over a decade without a car, which necessitates using public transit for things like getting groceries, which I do just one block east of this gas station, at a local market.  I’ll spend usually 10-15 minutes waiting for either the 151 or 36 CTA bus, which can provide primo people and car watching from the bus stop.

040 - Eyes Shut license plate soften FINAL

It was at my neighborhood supermarket where I also had spotted (and photographed) a pristine Mark V at dusk (posted to the Cohort late last year).  My thought when spotting this car was that it must take real perseverance to retain it as a daily driver, given that the daily gas bill would likely exceed my weekly allowance for groceries, depending on how far and how frequently this Mark is regularly driven.  Still, the sight of it brought a smile to my face.  And after all, this gentleman has a car – and I’m riding the bus with two arms full of grocery bags.  My day was enriched for having seen this classic Lincoln.

043 - Past The Gas rotated fixed FINAL 2015 exposure redo FINAL

Rogers Park, Chicago, Illinois.

Thursday, August 1, 2013.