CC Outtake: A Rare Survivor

2-12-2013 030

While there are still tons of Cavaliers on the road here in the Midwest, some of the earliest versions are virtually extinct. Such as this 1984-87 Cavalier two-door notchback. Not only is this a rare bird, it also is in very sound shape.

I actually have seen this car in traffic a couple of times, but it was at night and the pictures I took only vaguely resembled a car, let alone the make and model. So I was pleasantly surprised to see it parked in a driveway recently. Quite nice, as I see much newer Cavs with extreme rocker rust. This does have a bit of rust, but it’s very minor when you consider it has seen at least twenty-five years of service. Now I just have to catch up with that 1986-87 Type 10 hatchback…

2-12-2013 031