CC Outtake: A Very Jetta Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching–where did the time go? That recently reminded me of two MK III Jettas I spotted during a long walk back in September; a matched set, in fact. So allow me to spread a bit of Curbside Christmas cheer…

Actually, it was a good and productive walk on which I spotted and shot two future CCs before returning home. These days, Jetta MK IIIs are not seen very frequently around here, even though they were all over the place when they were still in production, from 1992-1999. Here in the Midwest, rust eventually got them if electrical problems already hadn’t. This emerald green one is in pretty nice shape despite side moldings gradually escaping from their proper place; in fact, one has already gone AWOL. This must be an uplevel example since it has a sunroof, alloys and even a spiffy rear spoiler.

What really made me take these pictures was finding both of these Jettas at opposite ends of the same block. Besides, the red and green reminded me of Christmas: “Ah, wouldn’t this would make a good December Outtake!” And here we are with two very Christmasy VWs, wouldn’t you say? What’s more, both of them are remarkably rust-free.

The red one has all of its side moldings, but paint not nearly as nice as the green one. The brighter shade on the front end leads me to believe there was a fender-bender and subsequent repair some time ago. The repaint looks nicer than the factory finish, and they even redid the pinstripe on the front fender.

Since they’re on the same block, maybe the Jetta owners are buddies who help each other fix their Vee Dubs when one breaks down. Or perhaps the red one was there first, and later the neighbor bought the slightly fancier one to one-up the other guy? Who knows, but it’s kind of fun to imagine.