CC Outtake: Baja Bug on a Concrete Beach

Baja Bug 01

OK, not the first Baja Bug to grace these pages, but certainly (IMHO) a pretty one. This example, which looks to have been constructed from a late-’60s Beetle, was spotted in heavy traffic on US 59 in downtown Houston on a warm mid-May Saturday. Next stop, Galveston?

One has to imagine the classic Baja Bug is gradually fading away, given the amount of time that the Type 1 Beetle has been out of production. Now, as seen below…

New Beetle Baja 01

Source: BCM Blog

…a few maniacs apparently are trying to make Baja Bugs out of New Beetles, but if you ask me, they just don’t have the  je ne sais quoi of the originals, not to mention all the effort necessary to turn a front-engine machine into one with a motor at the rear.

Baja Bug 02

Getting back to the cute-as-a-button red Bug, I imagine the riders will appreciate the flip-out rear windows now that the temps are getting into the usual low 90s. The surfboard may be more decorative than anything else, but hey, it fits. Also, it was fun to watch the all the wheels and belts on the engine spinning around, almost as if it had a clockwork motor, as it trundled down the road.

Surf’s up!