CC Outtake: Brougham Behind Bars

If you’ve been reading CC for a while, you probably know that I absolutely love the 1977-86 B-body Pontiacs. Catalina, Bonneville, Grand Safari, Parisienne–I like ’em all. But I especially like the Bonnevilles, so I had to share this ’81 two-tone Brougham seen at a storage facility recently.

I was passing by when I saw those distinctive taillights out the corner of my eye. My first thought was it was a much more common 1985-86 Parisienne, but the color scheme suggested early ’80s, not mid ’80s.

It was sitting next to a similar-vintage Bronco, and a 1972 LeSabre/Centurion sedan was nearby as well, but I only had eyes for the Bonnie. While worn, and definitely needing a paint job, it looked solid and rust-free. Just how long has it been sitting here?

I was not about to hop the fence, but poking my camera through the chain-link resulted in some decent shots. What an odd color combination: Beige and maroon? You would think silver or white would have worked better for the lighter color. At any rate, seeing this car brightened my day. These are by far the rarest B-bodies. I only wish it had been a beautiful 1980-81 coupe instead of a sedan!