CC Outtake: Broughamty And The Beast


Here’s an odd couple, courtesy of Cohort contributor GGH06. See, you don’t need a 6000-lb. truck with 18″ wheels and tires to pull a car on a trailer, you just think you do–thanks to the Great American Anti-Towing Conspiracy.

1992 Cadillac Full Line Prestige-44

Heck, my Dad used to pull our center-console ’74 Aquasport with his Volvo V70. I have always had a thing for the 1989-93 Sedan de Villes, as when I was 10 or so, the neighbors two doors down had a ’91 in Academy Gray with light gray leather–just like the one pictured above, in fact. Our featured Caddy looks to be a 1991-92 as it has the post-’90 larger grille but the grille inserts are chrome, not black as they were on the ’93.

The ’78 Malibu looks good too. It seems like all of the two-door 1978-81 Malibu coupes have been turned into street/strip machines, as they are relatively lightweight and easily accept a wide variety of big-block engines. Nice catch G.G.!